Study and Work program EU Let me introduce you our Study and Work program which was created for those who wants to know the European lifestyle through study and work. Student visas allow candidates to work part time during their studies. Our agency supports students with accommodation and job placements in restaurants, hospitals and telesales industry.  There are two options for you: Study of lovak language that helps you to know local culture and customs, that will prepares you for your next study at Slovak universities or to find your job in Slovakia.  Study in English: The students can start with Intensive English Program (IEP), followed by BSBA program or MBA program. IEP consists of 6 levels, so candidates after the enter tests; will be included in proper level. 5-month Slovak Language Course Target Group: § Applicants having interest in the Slovak language or needing it in their job or everyday life, e.g. foreign company representation officers, diplomats, international company managers, foreign language lectors, etc. § Compatriots bound with family ties to Slovakia, who wishes to learn the language of their forefathers or to improve their Slovak language skills. Goal of the Program: Receiving the Slovak language proficiency to communicate in the Slovak surroundings. Language of Instruction: Slovak Study Program: § Study is held every day from Monday to Friday in the morning